About Heart Mama

Hello. I am Zanni. Welcome to Heart Mama. This is my place to write about how I nourish little hearts. I want this to be a positive, inspiring site. I want to write truth. I want to write sunshine and warmth.

Here’s the schedule:
Mondays “Nourishing Creativity” – inspiration for craft and other creative activities with children.
Tuesdays “Nourishing Little Hearts” – posts about parenting, generally, and my little hearts in particular.
Thursdays “Nourishing With Food” – food and recipe ideas for nourishing little souls
Fridays “Nourishing Little Readers” – children’s book reviews and recommendations.

If you are interested in writing a guest post for Heart Mama, particularly for “Nourishing With Food” or “Nourishing Creativity”, email me at theheartmama{@}gmail.com.

About Me


I am married to a beautiful and very tall Dutch man. We have a lot of fun together, making up silly songs and hugging and kissing often. We love walks in the forest or on the beach with our little girls.

My oldest daughter is Elka and was born under a full moon, a blue moon and a partial lunar eclipse. Her life is a medley of her favourite songs, and her giggle begins in her belly and lights up the world.

My youngest daughter is Eve…gentle, peaceful Eve. She came into the world gracefully, and every moment of her life since has been a blessing.

I write educational material, I study psychology, am a LifeLine trainee counsellor, an avid blogger, and a lover of life and of people. I feature blog for Mumgo. I also co-facilitate a mothers’ group in my local village.

I call this blog Heart Mama because this is what I aspire to be – a mother with heart. Motherhood has made me a more loving person. It has taught me to lie for hours in the dark holding my daughter’s hand until she sleeps. It has taught me how to play in the dirt. It has taught me to find joy in a flower, or a spider’s web. It has taught me patience and resilience. I don’t believe in smacking children. I only want to love and hug them until I burst. Children make us better people, if only we are open to their gifts.

Some posts that define Heart Mama include:

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and an oldie;
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I look forward to getting to know you more, and to share my life and thoughts with you.