My daughter and I have difficulties agreeing on a book to buy from the bookshop. Inspired by ABC Kids, she wants Peppa Pig or Giggle & Hoot. I want to buy the books shortlisted for Children’s Book Council of Australia awards.

We compromised on this one.

Lion vs Rabbit, Alex Latimer
Lion vs Rabbit, Alex Latimer

It was a good pick.

This tale has the traditional features of a book about contest. Think Hare & The Tortoise. Big mean lion scares all the other animals. Animals advertise for someone to bring lion down to size. Moose, bear and tiger apply, but is rabbit who saves the day, out-witting the lion with cunning and intelligence.

Like all good books on our book shelf, when I get to the end, I am asked to read it again. And again. And again. Until my powers of negotiation win out.

Why do kids have such good taste in children’s literature?

Lion vs Rabbit is published by Picture Corgi

What books are your children loving at the moment?