I try, I really do. But I am hopeless doing craft activities with my three-year-old. She’s great at it, but I get frustrated, impatient, picky and bossy.

I am not made for playing. Even cutting out paper hearts ends in tears.

But, I don’t want this fact to diminish my daughter’s creativity. She is bursting with ideas and creative juice, so I leave a few ingredients mess around to inspire her creativity.

A roll of butcher’s paper, $10 from the office shop.

Buckets full of pencils and things.

View from the craft table (on a good day)
View from the craft table (on a good day)

Boxes full of scrap paper…and things.

Coat hangers.

Coat Hanger, 2012



Doll in Boot on Boot, 2013


Gaffa tape.

Pig with Tape and Doll, 2012
Pig with Tape and Doll, 2012

You know, things to inspire creativity.

And it’s not just lazy parenting. It’s called Incidental Creativity. If it’s not already a movement, I am starting it right here right now, and it is on the far end of the spectrum from helicopter parenting.

Doing craft activities with children is great, in theory. It engages your child and gives you an opportunity to bond. But for parents like me, who get all funny at the craft table, Incidental Creativity solves all your problems.

Children need space for creativity. Physical and temporal space. They need down time to potter away with inanimate objects and create strange sculptures.

Box on Box, 2013
Box on Box with Child, 2013

My own childhood was spent roaming paddocks, sitting in trees, telling myself stories. Maybe my creativity was borne in the boughs of that old olive tree. And look at me now – I have a blog!
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