The first time round, we did it all wrong.

We have created a toddler that sits on our backs during dinner. We have to feed her morsels when she is playing so she gets enough carbs. We rely way too heavily on car trips and television. And far too heavily on salmon hand rolls. What would our life be like without sushi?

It started with a whole avocado at five point five months, and descended into back climbing, television eating, plain salmon hand rolling.

This is the primary reason for having a second child. So we can get it right-er.

This time, I am following Jude Blereau’s book Wholefood for Children. Because I have an inbuilt inability to read recipes, I use the term “follow” loosely. But it’s a great reference. This book has taught me that babies like highly nutritious food. Like brains and liver. They also like food that taste good – presumably not like brains and liver, and more like pear with coconut oil.


My baby concoctions taste delicious. This, and the fact that I am actually preparing food for Baby breakfast, lunch and dinner put me in the running for having a three-year-old who eats healthily without fuss.

As long as she doesn’t pick up any tricks from her older sister.

So, I have two little jars. While I am making the family breakfast, I boil up two pots – one with half a chopped beetroot and a few slivers of ginger, the other with half a chopped pear and one chopped carrot. Then I whizz up half the carrot with the pear with 1 tsp of coconut oil. Jar it. The second whizz has the rest of the carrot, beetroot and ginger.

Delicious yum yum
Delicious yum yum for babies

Freaking delicious. Really. This is baby food I would actually eat.

My two little jars easily last two days.

Another combo I try when there is no time to cook and whizz is to mush banana with a tablespoon of homemade yoghurt. Again, yum. And Baby loves it. See?

Beetroot face
Beetroot face