Raw cake. We had some of this.
Raw cake. We had some of this.

Today we went to the heart of Byron Bay. Not the geographical heart, so much as the essence – the very organ from which the life blood flows. Naked Treaties: Raw Bar.

It’s not really fair to call this place a cafe. It is more than that. This is the land of sparkly eyes. Clear, sparkly eyes, which stare into your soul, with a level of inner tranquility too tranquil to be human.

“Would you like coconut nectar in your coffee?” the woman behind the counter asks. I guess so – that’s like sugar?

I ordered an I am abundant super smoothie. This liquid extravaganza contains:
coconut meat
almond milk
raw choc protein
E3 live

Even though I don’t know what half of those things are, I knew, intuitively, it was super. It was also $11.

My daughter chose a chocolate ball. I don’t think it was real chocolate – at least not the kind which has sugar. Chocolate is usually off the menu (except at Easter), but a not-really-chocolate ball from the land of sparkly eyes never hurt anyone, right?

She loved it. Most of it went on the face. But the treat wasn’t wasted.

Naturally, we sat among a group of fine-boned, high-cheeked sparkly eyed people who had just come from yoga class.

“How was your session?” one asked.

“Amazing. I came into my power in a head stand. You look good in that colour by the way. Brick?”

“Yes, brick.”

A man balanced a spoon on his nose, and showed us that he could keep the spoon balanced as he moved into a horizontal position.

At the next table, a gathering sat in meditation – their eyes closed.

On the window it reads:

Blessing from spirit.
Infinite spirit, all that is, thank you for blessing this food (and more blessing I didn’t get time to write down.)

This place is Byron Bay on a superfood diet, and after that smoothie, my eyes are clear and sparkly too.

Naked Treaties RAW BAR is located at 2/3 Marvell St, Byron Bay NSW.

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Have you tried any raw food products? I absolutely love raw cake. Surprisingly delicious…possibly even better than ‘real’ cake.