It doesn’t happen often, but I have been getting ‘homey’. Inspired by too many out days, and a busy life, I settled into my kitchen, bub in sling, child on stool, and began making stuff.

I made labne out of yoghurt.

Yoghurt out of raw milk.

Banana cake out of yoghurt.

Baby banana cakes with labne icing.

Sauerkraut (out of cabbage, naturally!)

And dinner. I even made dinner.


I folded a piece of muslin in half over a seive, and placed over a bowl. Scooped in yoghurt. Stood for one day in fridge. The whey dripped out, leaving a thick cream cheese. I chopped up herbs and added olive oil, herbs and a little salt.

(recipe courtesy of Jude Blereau Wholefood for Children)


I cooked 1L of raw milk to 82 degrees celcius, and then allowed it to cool to 40 degrees celcius. In a sterilised jar, I put 1tbsp of yoghurt containing live cultures, and mixed in a small amount of milk. I then added the rest of the milk, lidded the jar and wrapped the jar in towels. In the morning, I had yoghurt.

(recipe courtesy of Jude Blereau Wholefood for Children)

Home made yoghurt
Home made yoghurt

Banana Bread

2 cups of plain flour
2 cups of yoghurt
lots of mashed banana (more than 4)
half a tin of pear, whizzed

2 eggs
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbs melted butter
mixed spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves etc)
chopped nuts
pinch of salt

I soaked flour over night in yoghurt, then mixed the ingredients together, placed in a tin, and a few little silicon patty pans for my daughter, and cooked on a low over for an hour and a half. (Patty pans only needed about 15 minutes).

(Recipe inspired by Sally Fallon and Tigerlilly)

I iced the cupcakes with a labne icing – basically, labne, small amount of lemon rind, some icing sugar, and natural food dye. And sprinkles.

Banana cup cakes with labne icing
Banana cupcakes with labne icing


Chopped up about two kilo of purple and white cabbage, combined. Rubbed it in 8 tsp of salt in a bowl until moisture was created. Using the end of a rolling pin, I pushed the cabbage into one large jar and one medium jar.

(recipe courtesy of Real Food Fermentation, Alex Lewin)


Have you had any homey days lately? What have you been cooking up?

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