I am thirty this year. It’s no big deal. If anything, it’s a finally.

I have always felt older than I am. When I was a kid, it was because I looked older – taller, strong features etc. In my early 20s, it was because I worked in a professional environment, and was required to be mature and sophisticated.

Now, raising children in my late twenties, I am surrounded by people who are generally older than me. Age, though, becomes irrelevant. 20, 30, 40. It’s all irrelevant. What counts is that we are mothers.

There are lists out there – Countdown to Awesome, 40-by-40…I don’t know – 30-by-30? I really can’t think of 30 things I still need to do, or have time to do before July.

What I would like to do though is concentrate on my health. Health has always been important to me. We grew up, eating healthy foods, exercising in the sunshine. I have had bouts of drinking or smoking or doing otherwise unhealthy things, but nothing in excess. My personality is too moderate. I like to sleep well, feel energetic and feel happy.

When I met Heart Daddy, I ate more cake than ever before, but in recent years, I have continued to be pretty healthy. (Please ignore ice-cream and liqueur consumed 5 minutes ago.)

Since having children, I have tried to exercise regularly, get enough sleep and eat well. Of course, breastfeeding and pregnancy have been good motivators for not drinking alcohol (Again, please ignore ice-cream and liqueur consumed 5 minutes ago.)

Before my pregnancy with Heart Baby, I joined a running group, and was training hard (by my standards). Two solid training sessions a week. This even involved 6am starts. Not so fun, but I got fit quick. I recently saw photos of myself pre-pregnancy. I looked fit.

I started running again about two weeks after baby’s birth. It seems early, but I needed to shed my inside skin and get out. I took it slowly.

I try and keep it easy, so I actually do it. Just a couple of kms, and more, if the weather is cool, and the mood is right. I have been pushing the pram to the park, about 1.5km each way. Or the other day pushed it up the hill to buy milk. I feel that pramacise gets bonus points. Less kms needed.

Running a couple of times a week keeps me sane. As a bonus, I have shed a few baby kilos, and feel a little less flabby.

My green smoothie helps.

Green smoothie ingredients
Green smoothie ingredients
Yummy green colour
Yummy green colour

Green Smoothie

1 tbs spirulina

Although Heart Baby is waking up all hours, and I am still staying up to 11pm, with occasional runs and green smoothie action, I am feeling pretty great.

Fit for thirty? Can I do it? I think I can. I think I can.

I am sharing my ten tips for healthy living with the Yogic Housewife this week. You can read them here.

Do you have a ‘milestone’ goal? 40 for 40? Fit for thirty? What are your health secrets?

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