It was inevitable…I had to start a Nourishing Mamas category. Because nourishing children can only really happen if a mama’s tank is full.

It’s like the old adage:  put the oxygen mask on yourself before your child. In some ways, it’s counter-intuitive, but without oxygen, a mother is useless to her child.

Reach for the mask, put it on.

I like problem solving. Not the maths type. The other, more practical type of problem solving. Like how to shave time off house chores. How to get the most out of things, with minimum effort expended. That is my kind of problem.

Although you may not notice on first inspection, my housework is comprised of carefully strategised solutions to housey problems.

Here’s my latest.

Fold the washing directly from the line, on a mat, in piles. Work your way round the line, in categories. Par example, Heart Daddy’s shirts, Heart Daddy’s shorts, Heart Mama’s clothes-to-be-hung, Heart Mama’s clothes-to-be-drawed, Little Heart’s pants, Little Heart’s jammies, Baby Heart’s jumpsuits etc.

Baby Heart can lie on mat during the folding procedure. She gets vitamin D and extra nutrients from grass.

Carry piles of clothing inside or place in basket, to be shelved.

This is my 10-minute solution to walking around full baskets of clean laundry for one-plus weeks. I avoid the timely task of folding washing, but if I can combine it with bringing in washing, giving my little hearts some sunshine and garden time and putting washing away, then folding is just part of the solution.

Folding washing on mat with baby
Folding washing on mat with baby
Neatly(ish) folded washing
Neatly(ish) folded washing
Baby eats grass and messes up undie pile
Baby eats grass and messes up undies pile

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