I’ve had a big week, with Valentine’s Day and all that (getting roses is hard), so I wasn’t going to do my book review this week.

But, then I found these sweet little books in my grandmother’s box, while I was tidying up. A friend is someone who likes you by Joan Walsh Anglund. Published by Collins, St Jame’s Place, London, 1959.

a friend2

And What colour is love? also by Walsh Anglund, published in 1966.

a friend

A snippet from A friend is someone who like you:

The wind can be a friend too.
It sings soft songs to you at night when you are sleepy and feeling lonely.
Sometimes it call to you to play.
It pushes you from behind
as you walk and makes
the leaves dance for you.
It is always with you
wherever you go,
and that’s how you know
it likes you.

Do you have any vintage books in your collection?

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