For Elka’s birthday, we were given this beautiful book:


I’d never heard of Oliver Jeffers before. This was published in 2004, so I’ve obviously had my head under a carpet, or else too busy reading Winnie the Pooh.

It’s a beautiful book. I was curious, so counted the words. 360. A whole story, which moved me nearly to tears in 360 words. Simple, moving illustrations too.

The sign of a good picture book – it moves you, it stays with you, it captures your imagination – you being the adult and the child – all in a few hundred words.

I think this is the book made me want to write children’s books.

We were in a bookshop on Wednesday, and bought this:


It’s been adapted into a movie. I can see why. Elka was reading it with her daddy, and told me about a boat in the cupboard. I thought it was her funny little mind. It was from the book.

And just because I can, I thought I would read some of the books I review here, and put them up on YouTube. Yes, I was once an aspiring actress. Now I just love reading to my kids. Hope you like.

Also, next Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Usually, I wait around all day anticipating a bunch of roses. They never come. Last year, we had a fight about my expectations, and the fact that I don’t buy Valentine’s Day presents either. The ghost of my teenage years haunts me still…I will never have a Valentine. 

This year, I decided that it’s time for equal rights and taking action. So, I am doing my bit and hosting a special linky party here, next Thursday, Valentine’s Day, Lover of the Year Award. Nominate your man, or woman, by sharing what you love about them, why you are grateful for them etc. I know they’re not perfect, but neither are we.

Will you join me? This place, next Thursday? Hope so.

Zanni x

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