And so it begins…the first day of the next fifteen years. School. Well, pre-school…more playing than schooling, but it’s teachers, and bags and gates…so technically, it’s school.

My little big girl Elka was so excited, she even agreed to brush her hair tangles . I almost convinced her to eat her breakfast. She took three bites, just to get her through the morning.

I know parents reading this will be rolling their eyes – been there, done that. You probably have put numerous kids through big school by now. And it’s just another day.

It was just another day. But my little one sat in the back seat of the car, nibbling her finger. It was an unusual gesture. Despite the Big Girl bravado, I think she was a little concerned.

After leading her in, meeting the teachers and putting on the uniform broad-brimmed hat, she disappeared into the playground with other children. Five minutes later, she re-appeared. I’m having a great time Mum. Bye! It was as if it was scripted.

Sitting quietly at home, with my second, far quieter child, it felt – quiet. We looked at each other, baby and me, and wondered where our noisy companion was when you needed her. I missed her incessant conversation. Her silly stories. Her antics. Her occasional emotional outburst. 1000s of ideas. 1000s of instructions. Eve and I had to think for ourselves. It was weird.

More than anything though, I felt a little saddened that this was the first day of fifteen years more. That my little girl is as big as she claims to be. Saddened, but proud as hell.

Picking her up, I felt prouder still. We nearly messed up the first day pick-up, thinking my husband was doing it; he thinking I was doing it. We very nearly sucked. But I power-walked into town with Eve in the sling and the car seat on the pram to meet Greg in town, and collect Elka. We nearly sucked, but then we didn’t.

She was happy to see me. Not relieved or spent. Just pleased. She told me how she read to her little friend when she was sad, and how she knew the teachers’ names, and how she played and painted and stuck things on paper.

Have you had children start school this year? How have they gone?

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