Good morning, darling. How are you? Did you sleep well? Welcome to the day. This glorious new day. This is 2013.

We have spent the summer cooling in the lake at Lennox Head, drinking coffees, playing in the sand and celebrating festivities with friends and families. I have been in a perennial state of tiredness, though – never quite catching up on sleep. My energy is drained, as I feed a baby through the day and night, whilst enjoying all that the festive season offers. The heat takes extra effort.

Now, as a storm brews over the sea, I pause to welcome 2013, and re-open Heart Mama.

What to expect from here in 2013:

  • A new blog design
  • New Heart Mama categories:

Nourishing Little Hearts – posts about loving and nourishing children
Nourishing Creativity – regular monthly posts designed to inspire creative activities with children
Nourishing Little Readers – regular monthly reviews of children’s books
Nourishing With Food – regular monthly recipes and food ideas for children.

If you are a foodie, particularly one who enjoys sharing healthy recipes and food secrets, I am looking for guest posts for Nourishing With Food. Contact me at theheartmama[@] if you would be interested in writing a food article for Heart Mama.

  • The blog is open to sponsors, who nourish little hearts, in some way. If you are interested in sponsoring Heart Mama, please contact me at theheartmama[@] Sponsorship will help me to continue writing and growing Heart Mama.
  • My first eBook. I have a plan. It’s coming.

The storm finally breaks. The heat is washed out by a cool breeze. Thank god. I settle into this cool night, excited about what is to come.


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