janine cake

Today was Elka’s third birthday – Elka in Wonderland. And it was wonderful. There was a wonderful party, wonderful friends, and the most wonderful cake you could imagine. My little girl was overwhelmed by it all, but before going to bed, said:
“Daddy, it was a lovely cake. Did you get some?”
“Yes I did.” Daddy replied. ” Janine* made it.”
“Oh. I forgot to say thank you to Janine for that lovely cake.”

I love that little girl more than words can describe.

Happy birthday baby girl. Every year begins with fireworks. For me, every year begins hugging you in the dark, kissing you on the forehead, thanking you so much for coming into my life.

Happy New Years to you all. Welcome to 2013. May this year treat you kindly and may there be much love in 2013 for you and your children. 13 is our lucky number – I have a good feeling about this one.

*Janine, creator of Feather & Lace Creative Cakes

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