It’s a special FYBF over at With Some Grace today, where bloggers reflect on the year that was.

My parents send out a newsletter every year to long lost friends and relatives. It’s printed out on red or green A4 paper. They receive newsletters from other families around the world. These newsletters are an annual thread linking people together.

The only Christmas card I receive each year is from a solicitor we used a few years ago. But every friend I ever had knows the finer details of my life through Facebook and through my Heart Mama blog. A newsletter would be overkill.

But in case anyone missed it, here’s our year that was. (I ask you to imagine this printed onto red paper, please.)

New Year’s Day, Elka’s second birthday, we spent driving around the Sunshine Coast with Granny Annie trying to find a campsite. Things improved for Happy Cakey Day, when friends gathered around Lake Ainsworth and ate the most amazing cake there ever was. Thanks Janine from Feather & Lace Creative Cakes for giving me a good reason not to attempt to bake a cake.

January, we also fell pregnant again. I had a good feeling about this one. Elka told me from the beginning it was a girl. She’d be right.

February, out of the blue I was offered work, to write an educational training package for TAFE. More work flowed. It took us to Europe in May, so we could visit Gregor’s family. Pregnant and encumbered with a two-year-old, travelling was surprisingly easy. And the bond between Elka her 86-year-old Austrian great-grandfather was worth every cent and drop of energy.

The year went on – busy. My blogging blossomed, and I was asked to write for Mumgo each week, which was an unexpected, exciting opportunity. Between Gregor and I, we worked insane hours. He’d come home from one of his three jobs and I would have to work. I worked on Heart Mama in the evenings. We rarely had a day off between us. Meanwhile, I was pregnant and we were raising a toddler.

Eve was born in October. A Libran, as planned. She slotted in like any Libran would – seamlessly,  gracefully, with ease. She continues to lie there, quietly gazing, as chaos erupts around her.

Elka became a big sister and an almost three-year-old at the same time. She’s experiencing changes, and we are experiencing changes as she experiences more change. This is growth.

I asked Elka who is coming next Tuesday to bring her presents.
“Granny Annie!” she exclaimed.
“Not Santa?”
“No! He’s too scar-wy.”

Granny Annie arrives next Tuesday, and that’s a wrap for the year.

I am going to take a little breather from blogging and work and just be with my delightful little family as we enjoy a week’s break together.

Joy, peace and all things beautiful to you all this festive season. See you in the New Year.

Christmas photo

Love Zanni, Heart Mama



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