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You know that feeling, when your baby is crying, staring at you with wide eyes, pleading with you to help take her pain away and you stare back, your heart aching… if only you could help. You place your hand on her chest and sing to her hoping the pain will pass. Eventually it does and her tired eyes close and she falls asleep. The next feeling that follows is relief. She is at peace.

You know that feeling, when your toddler is lying on the floor, arms and legs a-flay, howling, screaming, yelling – desperate for you to take the pain away. For someone, something, to make the hurting stop. Your heart aches as you watch them; tortured and you wish you knew what you could do, because talking and consolation doesn’t help. So you sit there and wait and eventually, the rolling and the howling and the crying stops and the pain passes and you hug, and all you feel is relief. Their pain is gone.

This is compassion.

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