Inspired by one of the most beautiful blogs in the world – Bleubird Vintage

Here she is, my little angel. Sweetest heart on earth. So light. So soft. Her skin like velvet. Her cry like a little kitten.

She is already five weeks – where has the time gone? Already, her cheeks are filling out. Her gaze is direct. Her little expression one of wonder. Those big eyes  always looking around, fixed on a light, but mostly gazing into somebody’s face.

I love her little noises. Snorts and snuffles. I love her fist clutched around my finger. I love that she sleeps seven hours straight each night. Love that.

Her eyes are slowly turning from newborn slate to blue-ish green. Her neck is strong as she looks around at her world. She is on the verge of a smile.

This newborn stage passes, and suddenly disappears. I am savouring every moment. Every soft, sweet moment.

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