It didn’t take a lot, to reconnect that is.

Last week, I noticed Elka seemed a bit sad. There were moments when I worried about how she was coping with it all; this Big Sister Gig.

So, as often in my blogging life, I wrote about it, and it miraculously healed.

I put myself out there, just a little. I went with Elka to my Mum’s place, instead of sending her on her own. I took her to playgroup instead of sending her with a friend. I read a book with her. And another. From my breast feeding chair, we told each other stories, and where I could I engaged in her world.

So, with very little effort from me, we reconnected, and Elka found her way in the world as a Big Sister. No arm-pulling. Just kisses.

As we changed little Eve together this evening, Elka leaned in and kissed the baby’s forehead. Is it OK to kiss her? she asked me. Of course, I said, just give her space when she’s had enough. Elka held baby Eve’s little arm. I love you Baby Eve. 

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