Today is I Heart My Body Day, initiated by We Heart Life.

I am mother.
I wear my stretch marks with pride.
My cellulite reminds me of the nourishment I provide.
My loose skin reminds me of the children I have borne.
I am no longer a slender twenty-year-old girl,
I am now round with love.
It is no longer just my body –
I share it
With the man I love
And the children I adore.
My face is stroked by small loving hands.
My breasts provide sustenance.
My hips carried two babies, and rocked them into this world.
When I was nine, I punished myself for my big nose,
My ugly eyes. My hairy legs.
When I was nineteen, I punished myself for the same things
And more.
Now I am twenty-nine, I heart my body.
It is mine, and mine to share.
Mine is a body of love.

For women everywhere, in every corner of the world, love your bodies. They are beautiful. They are necessary. They are loved.

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