If you have been reading my page on Facebook, you may have noticed my preoccupation with the phenomenon of a baby moon. This is quite possibly because first time round, we by-passed this stage, desperate we were not to be cooped up in a hot-box on a hill with a crying baby.

The day we drove home with baby Eve from the hospital, my husband text messaged a guy from one of his three jobs to let him know he was cancelling the shift. Should I go in Wednesday? he asked me. Seeing as it was Monday, and we were driving home from hospital with a new baby, I said: Absolutely not. No *ucking way. You are such a Yes Man.

And so it was, despite my husband’s natural inclination to work like a dog, he cancelled two weeks of work, and we nestled into our little home. Apart from two brief outings to buy milk, I literally haven’t left the house. Given my personality, this is remarkable. And surprisingly, it has been wonderful.

Day one, a colleague of Gregor dropped food in for us. Day two, another colleague came with a mountain of presents – baby nappies, wipes, bathing products, breast pads, presents for Elka – she had it all covered. Several days later, a friend dropped in to bring me lunch and keep me company. Another friend brought around a delicious Moroccan casserole for dinner. My aunt insisted on being available for house-hold duties, like bringing in the washing or do the washing-up. My mum is coming to stay tonight, when Gregor goes to work, to help me with the girls and all the chores. We have been surrounded by generosity and warmth. This is everything my Heart Mama heart desires. Community. Support. Connections. These are the roots that support us.

With much needed time together and no demands placed on us, our little family has flourished. We have slept in each morning. Had a lazy breakfast. We have chipped away at house chores in between singing silly songs together, or dancing around the living room. My husband has taken up gardening and wearing a sarong. It’s been busy, for sure, buzzing around and meeting everyone’s needs throughout the day, folding washing or washing the dishes at 11pm…busy, but beautiful.

Day by day, we are working out Eve’s sleep pattern. Her feeding pattern. Her little temperament. Sweet as a rose, she is.

Day by day, we are amazed by Elka’s adaptability as she goes from only child to big sister. With literally two minor glitches, which revealed that a) she wants to do everything Eve does b) she too occasionally needs special attention, she has welcomed Little Eve, Lovely Little Eve, into her home and her heart. Elka still insists that I take her to bed each night. If Eve needs feeding, I just lie down next to Elka and feed Eve, and Elka strokes Eve’s face (instead of mine).

I never thought I could spent two weeks in doors, but as it has turned out, I have loved every moment of this baby moon. As the moon wanes, I embrace my new charge as Mother of Two. Twice as busy. More than twice the love. I didn’t think this would be possible.

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