Heaven knows what Mother Nature was thinking the day she invented woman and the concept of procreation. Her ability to torture us is evident, but in what sense did she think she would inspire us to have subsequent children?

Thankfully, items fall off the inventory one by one as each day passes.

Thankfully, she gave us a concoction of hormones to help us manage the excessive pain and unpredictable emotions.

Thankfully, she made babies perfectly. Skin like velvet. A smell so pure nothing else compares. The sound of sweet breath designed to melt hearts.

A week after birth, the sensation that sears through your nipples makes your toes curl every time baby latches on, but most other pain has subsided. You are left with a beautiful baby.

Mother Nature may have been a little mad the day she created woman, but she certainly knew how to make a mother’s heart sing.

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