Introducing Catherine from Cup of Tea and a Blog…Catherine kindly accepted my invitation to guest post for Heart Mama during my babymoon. Serendipitously, she writes about something that is going on for me right this moment…

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We brought baby C home from the hospital six hours after her beautiful water birth. It would have been sooner, but the birth center policy dictated the wait time.

My husband and I sat on the bed admiring our new baby girl, who slept in my arms. People came in and out. There were forms to be signed and arrangements to be made. Little C slept through the fuss.

I was anxious to get home. I wanted to see G, my exuberant toddler. We had never had a night apart and I wanted to put her to bed, the same as every other night.

The afternoon stretched on, I nursed C and dressed her in the tiny clothes I had packed weeks earlier. I felt overwhelmed with love for the little girl in my arms, but I longed for my other little girl too.

G was fast asleep when my husband carried baby C into our home. We had fish and chips for dinner. My mother and step-father took turns to hold the beautiful new soul who had entered the world that afternoon.

I didn’t sleep well. And it wasn’t because I had a newborn baby that needed feeding, it was because I was excited, and nervous. I couldn’t wait for the morning to come and for G to meet her little sister for the very first time.

G woke up early, I wondered if I’d willed it so. My husband brought her in. She saw little C asleep in the bassinette, her face lit up, ‘Baby!’ she exclaimed. It felt like Christmas. We had chocolate for breakfast and gave G a present ‘from the baby’ (which she ignored, who needs a new doll when you have a little sister?).

I doubt that G can remember that morning now, but it’s something that I’ll never forget. It was the start of their sisterhood and the beginning of a very special friendship.

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