I am honoured to have been interviewed by Shawn at the wonderful and inspiring Awesomely Awake, as part of the Awake Series. 

A taster…

I am pleased to introduce Zanni from Heart Mama today. Zanni lives across the world from me but, like so many mothers I’ve met this year, she feels like a friend who should live down the street in our tiny Awake Village. I’m amazed by her sweet little, peaceful life and I’m sure you will be as well. Enjoy!

1. What are some of your family’s favorite family rituals, celebrations or traditions?

Our day is a fabric woven of little rituals. From the moment we wake in the morning until when we all sleep together in the family bed, rituals bind us together and give our day character and meaning. The morning ritual involves snuggles and books in bed, a tender little hand placed on my face as I read to my daughter, followed by breakfast, always together. We generally try and go for coffee and a little smackeral of something during work days, and spend days off walking around local markets or spending time with friends. My daughter’s favourite ritual is to lie on our lap and have “Dew Tea” which is a bottle of milk. She looks into our eyes and touches our  face. This is her down time. Her re-connection with us. We try and eat together in the evenings … and sleep, side-by-side cuddled up….

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