The inevitable is soon to occur. It could happen tomorrow. It could happen in a month. This is the nature of waiting to birth.

Here is what I have done to prepare…

I completed my book contract. Wednesday, I closed my files and my computer. I happily looked out the window dreamily, and watched the trees sway in the breeze. Not much passed through my mind.

I washed all the baby clothes and folded them neatly.

I cleaned the kitchen cupboards. The fridge. The windows. The windows are eyes to the soul. Clean soul.

I weeded the garden. 

I gently encouraged forced my darling husband to mow the lawn and put all the crap away that has been hanging out on our front verandah for months. Luckily he had a few hours off between shifts, and was very obliging.

Nested. A clean house with a clean entrance feels like a clean start for a baby. Maybe somehow I can convince him or her that life is simple, neat and clean. I can’t do much about the war in Afghanistan, climate change or poverty, but I can at least give this baby hope. 

I have been hip rotating.

Sleeping uncomfortably.

Awake since 4am.

Yes, nested and prepared. The world is ready for you baby. Come when you may. 

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