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A tiny baby melts onto a mother’s chest, its skin like velvet and silk and roses. Its scent is milk. Its eyes are closed and it relies only on the smell of its mother to know where it is in the world. He trusts that she will be there for him, always. He trusts that she find him food, keep him warm and take his pain away.

A baby is born into the world with trust in his heart. He knows only one thing, and that is he can trust this woman who holds him close.

As the days, the months, the years pass, his trust begins to wilt. His little heart is broken by harsh words, harsh hands, loneliness and rejection. But he stills holds onto the flower, now limp. He holds it tight, his little fist clenched. He believes one day it will come back to life.

A baby is born trusting us, and it is our responsibility not to lose its trust.

We didn’t earn our child’s trust, we had it from the very beginning. We just need to keep it alive.

We need to keep it alive by showering it with love, tenderness and sunshine.

Our children trust us. We need to trust them.

We need to give them space to explore and trust that they will not stray too far.

We need to trust that they will learn from us, simply by watching and copying our behaviour.

We need to trust that their intentions are honest and kind and their only motive is to be loved in return.

A trusting relationship is a flourishing garden. From the garden grows love. Seedlings of respect are raised from nourished soil.

We need to tend this garden for our children, so that they at least begin their journey trusting the world. 

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