The baby bomb is ticking…technically 31 days to go until it all unravels, or perhaps becomes more amazing than it already is.

Here is what I have done to prepare for the inevitable:

1. Taken on another book contract, to be completed two weeks before baby is due.

2. {insert blank here}

Oh, that’s about it, which would mean I am not all that prepared at all.

I do exaggerate slightly…I have washed most of the baby clothes, musty from storage. Sweet little rows of onesies hanging in the sun. I have folded the clothes, and on his one day off this month, my husband built shelves for our otherwise shelve-less wardrobe. I lovingly placed piles of small clothes on the new shelves. This was a good start.

I have downloaded a hypnobirthing track, which I have listened to…once.

I have done the occasional kegel exercise while brushing my teeth.

And that now sums it up, a little more honestly.

I think, like most things in life, we are just going to take this baby as it comes. When I was last eight months pregnant with Elka, my godmother ran from our house in a flurry to collect all things we needed and hadn’t yet done anything about (a baby bath, a change mat, bunny rugs etcetera etcetera).

A friend asked me yesterday how I thought it would all go with two kids, and how Elka would transition. I told her I think it will all be fine, and I am not worried at all. It’s as true as I am unprepared. I feel that all will be fine. Perhaps I am being naïve, or perhaps this is the oxytocin kicking in, which makes me hone in on all that is good, so I am inspired to keep doing this childbirth thing for the sake of the human population for the rest of my child-bearing years.

My friend raised her eyebrows in dubious uncertainty. Really? She was saying with her eyebrows. Really, I said. And at the very least, if I feel positive about it all, then I give us four the best chance of rolling into expanding family life smoothly.

Oh, there is one more contribution to the impending birth I have made, which is to swim twice a week. It took me until the final trimester to re-connect with the wonder that is swimming when pregnant. I slowly glide through the water, my body supported and caressed by the water. My joints soft. I close my eyes for half the lap, repeating affirmations about my baby and my birth. It is my meditation; the one time and place in our busy lives that I can truly become centred and relaxed. As I emerge from the water, I am tranquil. This, perhaps, is the best preparation of all…for the inevitable, ticking baby bomb.

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