Today we weeded the garden.

It was one in a series of stay-at-home events that happened today. Others included washing baby clothes, watching the Olympics and cleaning cobwebs from the front door.

Just the two of us: Elka, my little friend, and me.

Someone once told me that you can’t be friends with your children – parent/child is a different type of relationship. But I can’t agree. If I am not friends with Elka, then what is friendship? We love each other. She hangs out beside me constantly. She is brilliant company.  She stimulates my creativity. She talks endlessly. She entertains me…sitting in the sandpit, imagining worlds and telling little stories.

I usually avoid home days, fearful of boredom and house work. Sometimes (like today) I crave them. I am a pregnant mama in nesting mode. I desperately needed to wash and fold small baby clothes. I needed to wipe cobwebs from outside windows and doors. I needed to pull up weeds. I needed to combat several middens that had accumulated. I needed a ‘down’ day with my little girl, where staying in my dressing gown until 2pm is acceptable (although the parcel delivery man probably didn’t think so).

Being in the comfort of our home and our dressing gowns was the perfect way to spend a day with my little friend. Sometimes, it’s all I need; just the two of us, and a pile of folded baby clothes.

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