How to grow a child.

Take one seed of love.
Place carefully into well nourished soil, in a sunny position.
Water in well with love, love, kindness and love.
Leave space for the plant to grow.
The roots are our support – our connections to others. Nourish the root system.
This is the tree from which love and beauty grow.
Gaze at its tender beauty, as it sends out new shoots and new leaves unfurl.
A flower blooms. Photograph it. Frame the photograph and hang it with care on your wall.
A flower falls. Lift its fragile petals and cup it in your hands, thanking it for being so beautiful, and kiss it goodbye.
A leaf falls. Another leaf falls. Keep your loved-one warm, wrapping them in blankets and cuddles.
Your tree, your love, now stands beautiful and strong, with flowers that bloom in spring and leaves that fall in autumn. Their happiness is your happiness and their grief is also yours.
Dwell in the sunshine, as you admire and enjoy what your seed of love has become.

Heart Mama ~ nourishing little hearts…with love, kindness, tenderness and sunshine. 

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{note: this is a very important post for me, as I think it sums up what I am trying to do as a parent, and who I am trying to be. It also underpins what I want my blog to represent. Please share it if you like it, and I would love to hear your thoughts below. Lots of love, Zanni}