Linking up with Kate Says Stuff’s Thankful Thursdays…

I went to a beautiful mother’s group this morning led by Janine from Post-Natal Naturally, which was about natural ways to manage stress and anxiety. She has some great tips! One of her lifestyle suggestions was to spend a moment each day having gratitude. Gratitude for our children. For nature. For our lives. Whatever, wherever. One little moment of paying homage allows us to pause and reflect…

Today I I am grateful for beautiful friends. Standing on the footpath in Lismore today with a good friend and her child, I happened to bump into two more beautiful friends. There we were, standing in the sun, next to the rubbish bins and the pedestrian crossing, sharing our stories. Motherhood. I don’t know where I would be without it.

I am also grateful for kind and generous sister-in-laws who send me parcels of useful things for when the baby comes. Just to know I am in their hearts fills me with gratitude.

I am grateful for spending the whole day yesterday with my husband and daughter. We abandoned our work commitments and tootled around together for the day, dancing to Otis Redding, walking in Byron Bay and drinking cappuccinos in a cafe. I am grateful for my little family and any time we get to spend together.

Essentially, I am grateful for the connections to all the important people in my life. You fill me with love and give me purpose and meaning.