With a little over two months to go until baby number two arrives, I am realising how important it is to be completely present for Elka and give her everything I’ve got. We have such a short amount of time when it will be just us. Forever after the 1st (or so) of October, she will share her parents with another little being.
I am putting aside my desire to wash dishes rather than play in the sandpit with her.
I am present in each moment with her, rather than thinking about what else I should be doing.
I no longer care about balancing our day between her needs and mine…I am just going to go with her needs and be her present friend.
I am going to read one hundred books if she requests it.
I am going to lay in the hammock in the sun for hours, cuddling and reading.
I am going to lower my voice when she gets agitated and contain her frustrations, rather than wigging out.
These two months are ours, precious ours, never to be returned again.
It’s amazing what a deadline can do to a person.
And you know the best part? It is that the last two days, being in the very present with my gorgeous girl, radiating warmth and love towards her, have been two of my favourite days being a mother. It feels like falling in love…I am floating around on king happy cloud, in love with my daughter and our life together.
The washing piles up around me. I don’t care.
What I care about is her warm hand against my face as she falls asleep. I care about her snuggling into me, saying I love you sooooo much…. I care about her generous, open spirit as she plays with other children at the playground…her warmth rubbing off on them.
My little baby swirls and kicks around inside me; a constant reminder of what is to come. But for now, I am savouring what I have, and loving it with everything I’ve got.