I popped over to Mama Kat’s Losin’ It Writer’s Workshop this week, and the prompt was to repost an entry from July of any year you’ve been blogging…It was a tough choice. I had an entry about Orgasm School (the most Googled post on my page!), one about having a miscarriage, one about exercises with tots…It seems I wrote on a myriad of topics last July. Anyway, I chose this little one.
Mama’s Losin’ It

We Lie

We lie, side by side

As I wait for you to sleep.

Your small warm hand strokes my cheek.

Your breath upon my face.

I close my eyes, pretending, and will you to sleep.

When I peak, your eyes are open, staring at me.

In the dim light, all I see is the lamp’s reflection on your pupils.

My breath big and slow, yours small and fast, warm the cold room.

You flick your day away.

Memories of you seep through me like honey, and I am a golden dream for you to fall asleep to. Willing you to fall asleep.

Your breath, small and fast, slows as you melt into slumber. Reluctantly, your eyelids close.

We lie, side by side, in the dark.

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