Birthdays are no longer about presents and party hats.

Birthdays are about waking up in the family bed, spending half an hour talking about teddy bears in our little sunshine house and how the sun flies through the air.

Birthdays are about spending a rare day together in a busy schedule.

Birthdays are about sitting on the beach, while your daughter runs through the sand, collecting shells. They are about her daddy hanging her upside down. They are about eating sand. They are about the warm winter rays through the clouds and the waves breaking on the shore.

Birthdays are about good friends sitting in a park, eating cake decorated with rose petals, as children run wild and free through the play park.

Birthdays are about sitting on the couch with your family, each with a guitar and your two-year-old wearing sunnies in the dark.

These are what birthday’s are made of. This is my little sunshine house, with my family and all that matters. This is the first day of my 29th year.