I have been waking up at 6am. That is not the revelation; that is just my early morning body clock that wakes before the sun, the birds and my toddler. Definitely before my husband.

The revelation came as I opened up my computer to squeeze in an hour’s work before the toddler woke. Here it is…a new direction for Heart Mama.

Heart Mama
Kind and gentle parenting.
Happy children, happy parents, a better world.
A blog that reaches into the heart of parenting to find better ways to parent.

It’s certainly a work in progress, but basically, I found the channel for my blog I have been looking for. Heart Mama began as stories, catharsis and occasionally break downs. There is a thread, though, through the posts. A celebration of kind, gentle and nurturing parenting and all that comes with it.

Writing “The incident of the passionfruit vine; on smacking children” last week made me realise how powerful blogging about something you are passionate about can be. There are millions of mum blogs out there, and many of them are fabulous. The ones that work well are blogs with a very clear voice and a clear agenda. If I can do anything in this world, I want to advocate and celebrate gentle and kind parenting styles through my writing. I want children to live happier lives. I want parents to feel more relaxed. I want parents to have more time for their children. I want the world to be a better place, and I believe that as parents we have such a powerful role in how we shape our children’s personalities, states of mind and behaviours. We might not be able to single-handedly rid the world of poverty, climate change or greedy bigots. What we can do is nurture a positive influence in the home, and sow the seeds of love, peace and happiness. I want my blog to represent this movement, and stimulate kind and gentle parenting through words and personal experiences.

I hope you will be behind me on this journey. I hope you will continue to read and enjoy my writing as I find my feet in a world that blogs.

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