Today I went to war with mouse poo. One little mouse took liberties in our house and pooed on the window sill, in the cutlery drawer, the utensil drawer, on every kitchen surface and through the Tupperware cupboard. One little mouse. One ridiculous amount of poo. Not only that, but last night, in bed, I could hear the little bugger scurrying around. I had left my daughter’s “jutie” bottle beside our bed, so she would have it in the morning. But the sneaky wretch had bitten through the teat and drunk the entire contents. Not overly worried about spiders and critters, I had let this mouse get away with too much. Now, after a day of cleaning poo, washing out every cupboard and every surface, I despise mice – and yes, finally succumbed to putting out mouse bait.

Fortunately, being at home, cleaning, was a blessing today. I looked after Elka’s bestie, “my friend called A.” It was a privilege to do my house chores and listen to the ramble of two-year-olds playing. 

“You want this one?”
“You can have this one.”
“Which one you want?”
“Thank you! [inflection on the end]”
“What you doing?”
“What you doing?”
“Oh no! You spilt yogurt on your jumper! Oh no!”

And so on.

We tootled around the house, and when the sun came out, we trundled through the garden. I did my chores, while they played beside me. I had two little friends. We stopped for lunch and ate together at the kitchen table. Joni Mitchell was singing From Both Sides Now on the radio and we three sang along, with hand movements.

As my husband and I discussed this evening, looking after a friend’s child is a perfect alternative to child care and babysitting. We know each other’s parenting styles and trust one another. The children are very familiar and love each other. I got to read a magazine for the first time ever while they entertained themselves, and my house has never looked cleaner (despite the mouse poo). No-one pays a cent. 

To end a perfect home day, we lit the pot belly. Nothing beats a warm fire while a storm breaks outside and night falls. 

Plop. The mouse just fell from the kitchen bench. I believe its pooing days are over. Sorry little mouse. 

What’s your perfect home day?