Three little duckies go with Elka wherever she goes. Mummy Duck, Daddy Duck and Elka Duck. They go in the bath and in the shower. Elka watches her flock fondly as they paddle in the baby pool outside. She makes them a bed out of straw in the garden. It is the sweetest thing to see three little duckies all in a row in the middle of the garden. Sometimes they line up on Elka’s outdoor table setting and watch her eat an ice-block.

We three little duckies do most things together too. We shower together, bathe together, eat together and sleep together. Sometimes Daddy ducky goes to work and sometimes Mummy ducky has to work from home or make baby-cinos for people. But wherever possible, three little duckies travel together.

The Mummy ducky-Elka ducky bond has always been strong. Two duckies dependent on one another for love. In recent times, as Mummy ducky has spread her yellow wings and tentatively ventured into the world to make baby-cinos for people, Daddy ducky and Elka duckie have spent more time alone together, which has been wonderful for their relationship.

The duckies speak dutch, laugh and play music. They make a sandpit together, go to the park, and swim in the pool. Occasionally, they share a cookie and Elka duck has a baby-cino and Daddy duck has a coffee. Daddy duck gazes at his little duckling as she sleeps with a smile nearly bursting his face. “She makes me so happy,” he quacks.

Elka duck has always had her daddy to thank for teaching her mother patience. For encouraging co-sleeping and sling carrying. For banning controlled crying in any shape or form. For ensuring that no ducky in our household will ever be spanked or yelled at. Now, as Elka duck no longer requires attachment to her mother duck 24 hours a day, she may enjoy all that her daddy duck has to offer. She can follow in his silly ducky footsteps. She can make up silly songs with her silly ducky dad.

Three little duckies sitting together in a row. A little ducky family.