Sitting under an old gum next to the skate park in Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy, last Saturday, it occurred to me that I have such bloody amazing friends.

I lived seven years in Melbourne, and made friends that have been permanently etched in my heart. Time passes, people move town. In the beginning, we sat around eating ice-cream and watching SITC, gossiping about boys. Later, we became mothers, successful lawyers, architects, CEOs, poets, and academics. Yet, we can still sit under the harsh sun of Melbourne’s summer and feel as comfortable together as that first month we met.

I have always savoured friendships. Like the letters that lay bound together in my glory box from twenty years ago, my friendships last, endure, continue. Some have diminished along the way. But with inventions such as Facebook, and plain old fashioned letter writing, I feel most of these people are as much a part of my life as they were when I lived amongst them.

Although we no longer watch Sex In The City, because we are just too darn busy, we still eat ice-creams under gum trees and gossip about boys. Like a tattoo, my friendships will never fade away.

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