Every year should begin with a cleanse.
My neighbour has just returned from a Buddhist retreat. I’d call that a spiritual cleanse.
A blogger I follow has finished cleaning out her pantry. Cupboard cleanse.
A good friend finally cashed in on her Christmas present of three years ago, and got herself a facial. Facial cleanse.
I’m cleaning no pantry, and unfortunately a facial is out of my budget…but there was a cleanse I was meaning to get around to all of 2011…my wardrobe.

After almost two years of frivolous op-shopping and occasionally failing to try garments on, I realised that half my wardrobe didn’t fit me. The other half I have had since I was twelve, so no, didn’t fit either. Part of the problem with my wardrobe was lack of space, and the other was with the pile of clothes that was starting to crumble. I also desperately wanted to find a clothes pattern I thought might be tucked somewhere behind the jungle…there, incentive enough.

So Play School on attending to my child, I began to Strip the Willow. One pile came crashing down at a time. Dress after dress was strewn on the bed. Eventually the bed was buried, and I deliberately stopped myself from faltering before the crucial culling then re-folding stages.

One episode of Play School and two garbage bags later, I was cleansed.

Although you might not guess it from surveying the clutter of my tiny house, I am not a hoarder. I know when to throw away. For a garment to remain, three basic rules applied:
1. It had to fit around the boobs
2. It had to be unblemished or not torn
3. It had to be made of silk…actually that was more a desired requirement than a rule.

The best thing about cleansed cupboards and neatly folded clothes, is the amount of space. And so, a day later, I indulged in a trip to not one but two oppies, and came out smiling and laden with clothes that fit around the boobs, are unblemished and not torn, and even one dress was made from silk.

No, I will not be cleansing the pantry cupboard anytime soon, and no, I did not find the pattern.

Have you cleansed this fine 2012? Or are you waiting for spring?

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