A recent discovery of mine is the blog Kate Says Stuff...a really enjoyable read. She is a quirky and fun writer. Anyhoos…she has a Thankful Thursday page, which has stimulated me to be thankful for the following in 2012:

  • For my gracious and patient husband, and my endlessly loving daughter who both complete me in every way.
  • For my family and extended family, particularly certain Grannies, who support us and make life possible.
  • For our gorgeous friends, who fill our lives with interest, warmth and delicious tea.
  • For our good health.
  • For our happiness.
  • For our great weather.
  • For our clean water.
  • For our wealth.
  • For humour.
  • For excellent Indie movies we can cuddle up in front of.
  • For beauty and creativity.
  • For good writing, that is pleasurable to read.
  • For the internet, that connects me to the world, and gives me endless time-wasting pleasures.

I’ve linked this up to Kate Says Stuff…read more Thanks on her site.