Playing and crafting tonight with my little girl, I realised what life is all about…paper butterflies and warm cuddles.

Being down on her level and doing craft together is just so special. She brings me paintings she has made, and says, ” ‘Dere you go, Mama. Painting present.” I cut out butterflies from her paintings, and sew them together to make a paper trail of butterflies. She gives me warm cuddles, and I kiss her soft, sweet-smelling blonde hair.

Although I know my baby will grow up one day, I cherish every moment I have with her. I quell my irritation when it arises in response to hers. I bite my tongue when I feel I need to instruct her in life’s ways. When she asks, we “woll awound” on the mattress on the floor, which is our bed, and giggle with her and her big toothy grin. I look her in the eyes and say I love you as many times as I remember.

Moments with my baby are a trail of paper butterflies. Fleeting, perfect, light and dancing in the breeze.


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