In case you are wondering why two blog entries often come at the same time…the reason is because I have such little time to write for pleasure, that when I do get a night, I write the blogs that have built up inside of me for the week. There are many more, rest assured, and I wish oh wish I had more time to write. I don’t know how the serious bloggers do it. I have subscribed to a number of my favourites, and am amazed how, with kids and work and everything else they do, they are so prolific. Apologies that I can’t keep up such a pace…But a really heartfelt thank you to those who do read my scribblings when they emerge once, maybe twice a week. Feel free to comment on posts too…it makes me feel people actually read the blog! And I like a bit of interaction 🙂

Any-hooos… Oh Christmas Tree.

Zanni's wonderous Christmas Tree

I am not sure why, but I have never gone for a pine tree. Mum didn’t put up particularly traditional trees either, from what I remember. In recent years, she has put a lilypilly in a pot, decorated, and then replanted it outdoors (there have been a few fatalities). Perhaps I have inherited her rebellious spirit.

Last year my Christmas tree was a huge poinsettia branch – loping and curling around our living room. I collected baubles of various colours from Vinnie’s, and other bits like crystal angels, and strung them on the laconic branches. Because it was so avant garde it received a few scoff’s from more conservative family members, and was labelled “artistic” in fitting with my character.

This year, more conservative family members beware, my tree is much more “artistic” than last year.

Inspired by – I am not sure what, but perhaps lack of money, I bought five four-foot bamboo gardening stakes from Mitre 10 for $2.50 and a tin of gold paint. My vague idea was to make a tee-pee like structure and weave it with gardening twine and spray it gold.

Somehow, though, plans changed, and I ended up ripping all my scrap fabric into long strips and weaving it around my tee-pee skeleton. Gregor kindly drilled holes into a wooden plank for me to stick the ends of the tree into, which I sprayed gold. And the final touches were a red paper star on top (held on by a chopstick) and a string of flower-like lights wrapped around it. The result, I think, is majestic. I love it. Which is unusual, because I am usually so negative about my own creations. I truthfully haven’t seen anything like it before, and am very proud of my invention. The best bit is that Elka loves it too. So, a good start. I think I will go into business with these. Any orders for next year?

Is your Christmas tree up yet? What’s yours like?