I have been thinking about changing my identity for a while…

I am happy with being a mum.

I am happy with being Zanni.

I am happy with being a wifey.

I am happy studying psychology.

I am happy being a crafter, a blogger and an occasional house-tidier.

But I have been wondering about the title of my blog All About Being a Mummy…it is sooo long. It’s not really that buzzy. When I first thought of it, I didn’t know much about blogging or urls or things like that. And All About Being a Mummy was available, surprisingly. So I went with that. But I have changed my mind, and am going with Heart Mama instead. It’s a bit more descriptive, less general, and yes…shorter.

So, welcome to my new identity. And stay tuned for visual changes as well. They are on their way.