Looking around the dance floor last night at Mullum Music Festival during Oka, I noticed a lot of comfortable footware.

There were Crocs.

There were Birkenstocks.

There were Tevas.

There were a lot of barefeet.

Of course, this was Mullum, but I wondered too if this might be a sign of the times? Are we, as a race, gravitating towards being more comfortable?

In my part of the world, you don’t see a lot of heels on the best of days. Maybe at Cheeky Monkey’s or the Ballina RSL, but I don’t really go to those places. In the circles I move, i.e. the beach or the markets, high heels are just plain impractical and darn uncomfortable. And although I like to spruce up a little for a wedding, most of the time I gravitate towards my Birkies.

As the Mayan Calendar predicts dooms day, and so does my local ABC radio, who report the endless and completely dire political, economic and environmental forecasts, I wonder if dancing to Oka with no shoes on is all that is left to do on this planet? The room was a buzz of positivity and good vibes (yes, that may possibly have included drugs). Everyone at least looked as if they were living in the moment. And I was shaking my booty properly for the first time in two whole years – unencumbered.

So, when you have had a crappy day, and the news has got you down, kick off your shoes. Or at least put on your Crocs. (Sorry, Yes, Dear – I know you would hate that). Just dance.

When did you last go dancing barefoot?