I was very kindly ‘tagged’ in lovely Ange’s post at Yes, Dear…so I will continue the tradition, and share 10 special secrets then tag some of my favourite blogs. Here goes…

1. I don’t have a lot of secrets, so this is a challenging exercise for me. I find it hard not to tell everyone everything about myself.

2. At school, I never had a sick day, I loved it so much. Yes, I was a 5 gold star goody-two-shoes. But it wasn’t the books and the teachers – it was the other students. I hated having to stay home for the day because it was so boring. Not much has changed {sigh}.

3. I first had my heart broken in Year 6 by a guy I never even spoke to. My heart was broken many times before meeting the gorgeous love of my life, Greg, who is now my husband.

4. We got married in the gardens of a sweet little church in a country village called Eureka, which looks over my favourite view in the world. Pete Murray also married there.

5. I don’t like scary things, like theme park rides.

6. I am a cautious driver.

7. When I see people hit their children in public, or hear parents boasting about how they smack their kids, I want to run over and tell them off, but I don’t have the guts.

8. I want to please everyone, as much as possible.

9. I wish my brother and I could put our fights behind us, and be the friends I know we can be.

10. I hate purple lettuce.

OK…wasn’t as hard as expected. They aren’t super juicy, but hey, there’s 10 things you might not have known about me.

So this is a “pass the baton” exercise, so I would like to “pass the baton” to the following bloggers:

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