Home days equal more mess, which is why I typically avoid them, at all cost. But the last two days the weather has been lousy, and I have had presents to make. So we have had a stay at home make and bake couple of days, just me and the little one.

Produce include:

1 freshly squeezed juice for vitamins

1 batch of yummy wholesome muffins from the juice pulp

2 sets of singlets, hand-printed and embellished

2 shirts made of vintage pieces left over from my grandma’s sewing days, including her french cotton nighties

2 muslin and cheesecloth scarves, embellished with my grandma’s lace and embroided thingies, including a table-cloth, then dyed in plant dye (1 x red cabbage and 1 x turmeric and tea)

1 batch of rainbow scented play dough

And dinner of course, both evenings!

Phew…no wonder I feel like I have spent the last two days cleaning.

It has been a beautiful time for Elfie and me. Not all kids are like this I think, but she just stands beside me, and helps me, hands me things, looks at things, takes cutlery out then puts it back…If ever I don’t want to her to touch something, I just softly say, “Let’s put that away, hey?” or “Can you hand that to Mummy please?” and she does, without hesitation. She is such a sweetie. Then we read a book, or go for a little walk, or play in the garden for a bit – something for her. Oh, I have loved this time with her.

We are off to San Francisco for two weeks to visit family, thanks to my very kind Dad. So I will see what access is like over there, otherwise, I will be blogging again on my return.

Have you made anything fun lately? What’s been your favourite home day?

Zanni xx