So, my 14 day fitness challenge took a dive. I. E. I failed. But to be fair to myself, I caught a virus, and for a day, fatigue took me out. And also to be fair, I have done a reasonable amount of exercise since. I have been on a few runs, every couple of mornings I do leg, ab and arm exercises, I have swum, and for the last few days, Granny Annie, G and I have done a big walk.

The famous Granny Annie and Me at Broken Head

See, the little one (Pikelet) has decided to only sleep during the day in the sling. She has gone from pram or car or sling or snuggles to just sling, and I realised today that this is a good thing. Imagine if she only took her day sleep in a cot – I would have no excuse to go on a strenuous walk in the middle of the day to give her a sleep. Granted, she weighs 13 kg, but this just adds to the adventure.

Thursday we discovered a new walk around Broken Head-land. Australia, and NSW in particular, is not famous for its choreographed walks – we have so much damn space, most of it is wild, and impossible to walk through – Must Drive Car. So when you find a new walk, one with a bannister to stop you falling off the cliff, it is very exciting.

Saturday we trekked up to the Byron Bay lighthouse. It rained – actually, it poured. I was legging it up the last bit of mountain to reach shelter, as I carried Elfie in the sling. We stopped momentarily under the verandah of what I thought was a public building, but was told to ‘Move On, Private Property’. Where is the heart? The rich lady who lives next to Byron Bay lighthouse didn’t even have the graciousness to let a poor, soaked mum shelter herself and her sleeping baby from the torrential rain. At least she asked politely.

And today we took Elfie’s sleep to Mt Warning. We were in the region anyway, and thought what the heck, let’s do as much of the trek as we can. Elfie was with Dad and I ran as much as I could. Power Mum.

So my 14 day fitness challenge died in the ass, but the fitness still lives on. I am getting stronger and fitter with every day sleep Elfie has.

Do you have a favourite walk? Tell me about it…Zannix