Danny the Pinguin

This is a very very special addition to my blog.

Late last year, my dad and my brother travelled to Antarctica, as my dad was working on the boat as a doctor. For whatever reason, Dad thought this would be the right time to pen his first ever children’s book. It’s wacky, quirky and a little bit insane. And hilarious. Especially the photographs, thanks to my brother Dylan, known affectionately in the book as Dunkle (Uncle Dylan).

The book was written for Elka, but any child will get joy out of the silly tale, and the funny images. If you would like to buy a copy, they are $10, and I will have it posted to you…please enjoy. Elka certainly did. Thanks Poppa Richie (aka Dr Richard Arnot, surgeon come children’s book author).

The Adventures of Danny the Pinguin…a silly tale of a pinguin who made it to the South Pole, eventually.