Elki and I share a love of beautifully illustrated children’s books. We also both love op-shopping ~ don’t we Elka? (Yep, she says).

From Vinnie’s last month, we collected a number of photo frames of varying colours and sizes – we selected the most colourful on offer. At most, they were $1 each. Some were 20c, and some were free. I knew they would be useful.

This morning, I colour-photocopied pages from Elka and my favourite picture books, and put them into frames. Easy. Beautiful. Simple. Cheap. And endless variety.

{Tip: use the cardboard at the back of the photo frame – the bit of cardboard used to wedge the photo to the glass – as a cutting template for your image.}

Now…to clean the house, to fluff the doona, and put flowers in a vase, for the great and the much-loved Granny Annie arrives from Austria in the morning. As we speak, she zooms towards us in a jumbo jet.

For those of you who don’t know Granny Annie, Elka and all children of the region beware, Granny Annie is not only a granny – she is also a nanny! And a wonderful one at that. She has a heart as big as her hair is red, and as far as mother-in-laws go, I couldn’t wish for a better one. And as far as Grannies go, Elka will be sung to, walked about in the sunshine and played with every breathing moment for the next month, and as she will tell you herself, she can’t wait.

So I hope you enjoy my little craft corner of the week. It’s so super easy, and provides very satisfying results. Just how I like projects these days!

Picture Book Frames