When I started All About Being a Mummy about seven months ago, I really thought I was being utterly original. I was standing under the shower when it came to me…why don’t I combine what I love doing (writing) with what I know best (being a mum). I know, I thought, why don’t I write a blog about all my quirky, and otherwise, experiences as a mother?

And so, with glee, and some trepidation, I began…

Seven months later, I’m still loving every opportunity I get to share my life with others. After all, I am having such a wonderful time being a mother, and my daughter is heaven on a stick, why shouldn’t all the world know?

Only the other day, though, did I realise I am not so original after all. No…far from it! In fact, there are at least a million other mum bloggers, merrily typing, sharing their lives, from the comical to the sincere to the plain ridiculous. If you type into Google “50 Top Mom Bloggers” (American Style) you get over 50 page suggestions. And that’s just America. And within each of those are 50 mom blogs, and they are just the best of this last year…dear oh dear. Here I was thinking blogging so originally about my thoughts and my life would make me famous. Only now I am beginning to realise.

Just one more to add to the list of “Zannisms” ~ Zannism (n): the way in which Zanni has a slightly creative and wacky way of looking at the world (Greg, 2009).

Previous Zannisms include:

” How do trams get around? On little sticks that poke into the rails, which are somehow directed by electricity…what, they have wheels? That’s so weird! I would never have imagined that!” (Zannism, 2009)

“No Greg…that is not how gravity works. We stick to the earth because it spins. The spinning motion means we stick to the earth.” “No, Zanni. Gravity is a universal force between objects that have a mass. It has nothing to do with the earth spinning. If there was no gravity, we would be flung off the planet into space because of the spinning.” “Oh.” (Zannism, 2010)

“Zanni, why would you soak a pan covered in oil in cold water over night?” “Because I thought that the grease would dissolve.” (Zannism, 2011)

Ok, so I am a creative thinker and a bit strange, and I am only now starting to research into the world of blogging ~ and oh, is it intimidating! Fine time for me to think exactly what my blog is about, and what makes it (somewhat) unique. Well, obviously, my blog is about my charmed life with Elka and Greg, and about our daily activities, and philosophical pondering, and about how Elka sings Hallelujah to her dollies to put them to sleep (ahhh…). My blog is first written for myself, because I love writing regularly, and the thing I know best is my family, and my personal experience. Dah. And secondly, I write for Elka, for when she grows up into a big Elka, she will have a story of her childhood (providing WordPress doesn’t fold). And thirdly, I write it for everyone who wants to read it, and I am touched by the number of hits and responses I get for my blog to date.

What characterises this blog is that it is honest…from the funny, to the inane, to the tragic, to the practical. It is sincere without being sentimental, and humourous without being harsh or critical (I hope).

I welcome any feedback people have…anything you would like to read more about, like which stories you enjoying reading in particular. Always feel free to comment on a post. I love your thoughts, your reflection, and your opinion. (And “like my Facebook page ~ it’s such a great page to like!) Like everything I do, I am stumbling around naïvely in the dark, finding my way in the big wide would, determining how gravity works, how to wash pans, how to blog, and how to be a mother. Help me if you can.