These days, walking down the supermarket aisle, I find it hard to buy a healthy breakfast cereal. Most, actually all, have sugar or honey, salt and a bit of the healthy stuff. And they are so over-priced. They other fad I am detecting is the “contains 5 whole grains” slogan – woohoo! Super healthy. And packaged in brown, unbleached cardboard to emphasise the healthy factor.

For want of a real healthy breakfast, we have invented the 20 grain porridge. It is delightful, warm, delicious…

Ingredients include:

Regular rolled oats (organic if you prefer)

5 grain or   rolled oats


Chia seeds

Sesame seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Sunflower seeds


Quinoa (black or plain)

(ok, I lied about the 20 grains…but I am sure you could get there if you tried!)

Milk (of any kind, enough to cover)



All I do is combine whatever of the above ingredients are at hand in whatever quantities suit the day. We are all tall, so eat a lot! Usually I have about 2:1 liquid:dry ingredients, and cook on low for about 15-20min, stirring occasionally.

Serve with more warm or cold milk, a bit of flaxseed oil or butter, and honey. Yummo, and super healthy. And inexpensive, depending how much of what ingredients you add.

You could also add berries, sultanas or anything else. Sometimes I add walnuts. For my daughter I grate apple or pear in, as honey gives her funny rashes.