Ankle biter scuffling after me every where I go. She’s pretty damn gorgeous so I don’t mind at all…but occasionally I wonder, how am I going to complete my 14 day fitness challenge? I have some words of wisdom for you {with very professional diagrams}. Getting fit with toddler is possible. Here’s how {note: much of this will also apply to babies}

1. The pram pusher

Take one pram, and one small child, and combine. Choose a relatively flat surface, put on your running shoes, and run {oh, and don’t forget the pram}. Simple. Takes a bit of extra muscle, but the thing is, you don’t have to go as far, because you are pushing a pram. Extra endurance. We do this as family exercise. Large Dutch father who runs barefoot, tall and extremely athletic mother, and small very cute child in pram wearing beanie.

Benefits: Great way to impress the neighbours. Quality way to spend time with the whole family.

Tip: Make sure baby is rugged up. Little hands get cold and chilly, especially if the run is early morning.

Pram Pusher

2. The child lifter

This is just a simple squat plus child. Lift child into a tight hug, stand with generous distance between feet, and bend knees into a deep squat. Repeat until muscles can’t hack it any longer, and gently lower child.

Benefits: Toned thighs and bum…seriously, hottest mum in town! {Don’t judge by picture}

Child Lifter

3. The reader

Take any floor exercise, for example ab crunches, or leg lifts, take one book and have child close by. Crunch. Read. Crunch. Read. Easy.

Benefits: You are so busy concentrating on the fabulous children’s book, you don’t realise you have already done 50 ab crunches. Or you are so busy concentrating on ab crunches that you completely miss the fact that you have just read The Gruffalo for the 200th time.

The Reader

4. Backyard blitzer

Take one ball, one child that can walk, and one back yard. Kick ball lightly to child and while they are busy working out how to kick it back to you, run one lap of the garden.

Benefits: Great fun, child will love this one.

Tip: Whenever you are completing one lap of the backyard, run towards child with arms outstretched as if motioning to tickle them. Child should respond with hysterical laughter.

Warning: Does not apply to babies.

Backyard Blitzer


So mummies, no excuses anymore. There are plenty of exercises to be done with small children. With the help of this manual, I think I will just about make my 14 day fitness challenge.