After a day at Kiva Spa in Mullumbimby with dear friends, I am brimming full of stories and ideas…I just don’t know where to start! Maybe I should begin with how great it is to be pampered when you are a mother. Husbands, partners, friends, parents and especially babies…please note: mummies LOVE to be looked after!

Despite being married to a massage therapist, I think it’s been nearly two years since my last full body massage treatment. It’s not something I would usually tend to indulge in…the greatest indulgence I have had in the last couple of years has been a good haircut. And when that very handsome (gay) hairdresser ran his fingers through my hair, wow, that felt good!

But lying there today, in a room that smelt like a temple to aromatherapy, I think I melted into heaven. It felt divine. Every muscle that had not previously been tenderised by the sauna/spa treatment released, and I was left as a gooey puddle on the massage table. I can still smell the oil on my hands and in my hair, and I am taken back to that delightful, relaxing haven.

Just imagine for a moment if every mother had the opportunity to be pampered as such on a regular – let’s say weekly – basis. The partners could look after the children, and hang out together, getting to know one another, and the mothers could be transcended from daily domestic duties to heavenly bliss. We would collectively be a happier and more together lot. We would sleep better, be kinder to our better halves and more patient with our children. We would not snap at the lady at the bakery, who short changed us, or roll our eyes at the woman behind us with the screaming child. We would be vessels of love – openly accepting the world. Kind & nurturing. We would be awesome…even more awesome than we already are.

Ahhh, well it was a nice day dream while it lasted. And in the meantime, I will just smell the oil on my hands and be transported back to that Balinese garden in the middle of Mullumbimby where for a few hours, I felt a bit more like a human being.